Monday, April 15, 2013

Gluten-Free Bread in the Bread Maker

If you've ever had to buy gluten free bread from the store you know it's either one of two things, but usually both: expensive and heavy. In fact, one gluten free loaf of bread usually weighs approximately the same as 3 loaves of regular bread, and half the size. Sometimes I can find a sale on Udi's bread, which is my favorite brand. But usually it's $5 for a small loaf. We have drastically reduced the amount of bread we eat since becoming gluten free although we buy a few loaves every other week.

Today I found a recipe for gluten free bread in the bread maker and since I recently unpacked my bread maker, I decided to try it out! I got the recipe from Gluten Free Goddess. I'm

We are sampling the results right now and the overall consensus is: YUM!!! It's a small loaf, and it doesn't have the dome rise on the top that you get with regular bread, but the bread is moist, soft, and has a great flavor! I am very happy. I'm not sure about the cost comparison since gluten free flour is so expensive, but it will nice to make this on a Sunday when coming home from church to fresh baked bread is probably one of the greatest things in life.

I'm so glad I was told about this recipe, and I'm so glad it came out well!! We'll definitely do it again.

**The only change I made was I used garbanzo bean flour instead of the millet or oat flour**


I decided to cut the bread and freeze it because we didn't need it that day. Today we defrosted it and used it for toast for breakfast. It was very crumbly, so we had toast pieces! I would not recommend freezing this unless you're going to use it for stuffing or something like that. Next time I will make it the day we need it. I also would not recommend keeping it in the fridge for more than one day as Gluten Free bread gets moldy and hard very quickly.