Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last night was a church work night, so I was helping put putty into cracks in the trim. I actually enjoy doing it. Lela came in from playing outside and was watching me. She kept sighing and said "I wish I could work." I said she can work and she said "Yeah, but not in the trailer, I mean real work like you're doing, or what daddy does." I said there wasn't much work for 5 year olds to do in the church. So she sat sighing and watching me. Then she said "I hope my husband builds churches so that I can come in and work like you do." It was so cute! I melted. So I showed her how to put putty in the cracks and she helped me. I had to redo most of what she did but we had a good time!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pretty Princess!

Right now Elsa is asleep on my bed, I'm sitting next to Anna who is drawing on her doodle pad, and Kayla and Lela are watching a movie with three friends. Yes, tonight is Kayla's sleepover and so far they're having fun! We made our own princess crowns, ate cupcakes, opened presents, and now they're watching a movie!
Noah went to the Newkirk's house to celebrate Zak's birthday. Caleb went to
Wichita with David Newkirk.
I exercised today! And I did fairly well with my calorie counting. I only went 100 over and if you know we went o Pizza Hut for lunch and I had a cupcake, thats pretty good!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keep It Quiet

This morning started out really rough. I felt like everyone was against me and I was yellingv a lot.then I remembered Bro. Dedmon's message Sunday where he said pride will excuse itself from rules. We don't allow the children to yell at each other like I was yelling at them. Then I decided to not yell but to smile and talk quietly and it really helped! My attitude changed, the children calmed down, and we got stuff done.
My first day of calorie counting went well until I was given a free chocolate mocha milkshake at Sonic. I knew it would be too much but I ate it anyway. So tomorrow I start over. I also didn't exercise. No more staying up late!
We went to the chiropractor! He only charged $50 for all six of us to get adjusted.
Kayla's party is tomorrow and I found this cute craft to make princess crowns from headbands, pipe cleaners, and beads. Kayla seemed excited! But we won't e able to have a tea party because we only have four cups and five girls are coming. We will have to have Brooklynn over at another time for a tea party.
Starting tomorrow Noah and Kayla will not be grounded! I am as excited as they are. They had better not complain about playing outside for a while.
So a busy day tomorrow!
I'm hurting for my friend. God knows who she is. And I have two friends who used to be really close but are now running from the Lord. I miss them both tremendously.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My First Post

I picked the name "Through It All" because it's one of my favorite songs. "I've learned to trust in Jesus, I've learned to trust in God. Throug it all. I've learned to depend upon His Word."
Today was rough. Noah and Kayla are grounded so they've been on their beds except for meals, chores, school, and bathroom breaks. Which means they're hyper from no exercise and won't go to sleep!
Elsa screamed, literally, for two hours this morning. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for her tummy, nothing seems to help. I'm going to buy some Gripe Water a few friends have told me about.
Anna had a fever for a few days and that's gone, but now she has a cough and chapped cheeks. Teething maybe?
My amazing husband let me take a break this afternoon. I ran some errands, and then relaxed at the coffee shop. It was so nice, I didn't even have to take a baby! He got all of the kids washed up for church and got dinner started.
Speaking of dinner! He made an awesome Racheal Ray meal. He made Stuffed Sausage Meatballs kind of like
THIS recipe. It was so good! I should have taken a picture. He also made breadsticks from a pizza crust mix.
Tomorrow I am counting calories again and exercising!!