Monday, August 13, 2012

Why I Like To Write Random Articles

1. I learn lots of things I wouldn't normally know. For instance, I know things about Florida custody laws that most people in Florida probably don't know. I also know the best filing cabinet for your type of workspace; and I can give wonderful tips on how to ace the ACT. I have written mind-numbing articles about spyware and anti-spyware software. I also consider myself somewhat of an expert on Celtic wedding bands.

2. I like to tell people what to do. When I write the articles I can pretend people will actually care about what I'm telling them to do. They weren't forced to read it, right?

3. I can marvel over how wonderful words are and how my mind can come up with words and thoughts, and my fingers effortlessly type them, and I can read my thoughts being typed out onto the computer screen. I know that was a run-on sentence, but I'm so fascinated watching my thoughts appear on the screen that I don't care.

4. I tell myself that I have a job besides being a mom and wife. Not to diminish the importance of those jobs, but sometimes it's nice to know that someone outside of this house wants me to do something for them and will pay me for it. In money.

5. It's really fun to buy new shoes, a shirt, or even school books for the children with the money I make.

6. It gives me an excuse to say, "I have some work to do, so nobody bother me while I'm at the computer." Sometimes they actually listen.

7. While I'm mulling over how to write an article about finding a good psychologist that sounds legit and will be interesting to read, it's a good excuse to browse Facebook and check my ebay listings. Hey, I'm working!

8. I just plain, flat-out like to write even though I've never had any professional training. I have two fiction novel ideas that I would love to write someday, but I know it will probably never happen. I like writing articles because it's a short commitment, it feeds my desire to be a writer, and I don't have to face a lot of rejection.

Now, you can remind me of this blog post the next time my crazy boss wants me to rewrite an article I wrote four times. Just kidding, I love her. But she's still crazy.

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  1. These are some great reasons! I have some similar goals... well, except for buying anything with the money I make. I don't make any money, but maybe someday soon I will, and this will all be worth it.

    I especially like writing about useless facts. My head is full of too many of them. :)