Monday, November 28, 2011

What happened to my baby?

It seems like Elsa (9 months) went from being a little baby to being an almost-toddler overnight. She was this little baby that only wanted mommy and loved to be tickled. Now she crawls everywhere, throws tantrums, prefers daddy (unless she's hungry) and wants to bounce. She's still little and I know she's still a baby but she just changed so much in the last few months, it's amazing.
Last week I bought 10 jars of baby food to try out, see what she likes. Now I have to force her to eat the baby food because I paid good money for it, before I'll let her eat what she really wants: whatever we're eating. We have discovered she loves rice and noodles especially.
She also now has 7 teeth. 7! That's almost one per month. And I can see a little molar start to push its way out in the back, too. But because of those teeth she bites constantly. And boy does it hurt.
*sigh* My little baby is growing up, too quickly as always. At least she still likes to nurse, I will ho

ld onto that as long as I can. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

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