Monday, January 16, 2012

The kids have done 4 straight weeks of formal schooling, so I thought this week we would do some Casual Schooling and have some fun! Today I deemed "Outdoor Exploration Day". They were already playing outside since it's a cool, clear day. This was their mission:
Find 3 things outside that you can see, hear, touch, or smell. I excluded taste because I didn't want them licking everything outside. Then they came inside and they could write, draw, paint, color, or make their 3 things. This is what they did.

Noah drew a comic, and painted a picture.

First box: "Did you see that?" "Yeah" Second box: "That was awesome!" Third box: "It's windy." "Yeah" "I'm cold" Fourth box: "Ouch" "What was that?" Fifth box: "The trees!" Sixth Box: "They're attacking!"

Noah's 3 things: Wind, trees, a bird

Kayla wrote a song and painted a picture.
Her song, with her spelling:
I can her (hear) the berds (birds).
And I can cea (see) the trees swish arawnd (around).
And I can feal (feel) the wand (wind) blow on me.

She swears she saw a rainbow even though it hasn't rained in 4 days. I think she just wanted to paint one.

Lela just painted, since she can't write yet.

Lela painted a bird eating from a bird feeder (I think she did an excellent job!), the wind, and an acorn.

Anna also painted and she said it was the wind.

We had a lot of fun! They're outside again playing. I have some more things planned for the rest of the week. Hopefully it goes as well as today did.

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