Sunday, January 1, 2012

My New Year Resolution

First of all I want to point out that it is New YEAR not New Years. There's only one new year, not multiple.
Now that I have that pet peeve out of the way, I can move on to my blog post!
I have never been a New Year Resolution kind of person. But then a few years ago I started making them, and then I made "New Month" Resolutions to stay on top of them. But this year I had an epiphany: I can't do year-long resolutions. I make a resolution to lose weight, and I get pregnant. I resolve to reach out to my friends more, and I lose my best friend. I strive to work out, and I hurt my shoulder. I decide to put my all into my online article, and we move somewhere that I don't get internet. Life is too inconsistent for me to make those types of resolutions. They may work great for how my situation is in January, but then we go to a new job site and they don't work anymore.
So this year I'm making one Resolution and one alone: I resolve to roll with the punches this year, and to always look for an opportunity to serve the Lord more.
Maybe we'll be in a church where I can reach out to another young mother and be a friend. Maybe a church we help needs someone to work in the nursery or play the piano. Or we'll work in a place where I can exercise with the kids or be comfortable leaving them alone. Or God could lead us somewhere that I can't even dream of, but I can be a blessing to someone because of that situation.
I don't know what this year holds, and I can't even fathom. This past year has been crazy, wonderful, scary, and pretty great. It has had some awesome moments like living 10 minutes from my sister for 3 months; spending 3 weeks at my parents' house and relaxing; giving birth to Elsa and my mom being able to be there. There have been some bad moments too; some that involve family, some in our church, and some in our group. But through it all God has been faithful and has never left me, so this year I resolve to trust Him and to know that where He leads us, He has a purpose for not only my husband or my family, but for me as well.