Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wait, where am I?

These past few days have been a little crazy! I'll give you a few highlights.
1. We left on Sunday for Dallas. We got stuck in a traffic jam because of a car wreck when we were 10 minutes away from our destination! It ended up taking us almost an hour.
2. On Monday I drove to Grand Prairie, TX (between Dallas and Ft. Worth) to drop off some baby clothes for a friend and I had a blast driving through Dallas! I missed the AM traffic so I was cruising. It was like commandeering my own roller coaster cart. I might want to be a NASCAR driver in my next life.
3. Speaking of baby clothes, I have now given away all of our baby clothes. *deep breath* I feel great about it, I'm glad they could all go to people that need them.
4. When we arrived in Shreveport, LA Monday night we wanted to walk around somewhere and unfortunately got lost in Shreveport. Bad idea! It is not the nicest city I've ever been in. But we finally found a mall and then a Pizza Hut where the kids enjoyed their first Personal Pan Pizza earned by Book-It.
5. Did you know you can't find non-ethanol gas in Louisiana? Unfortunately I found that out Tuesday morning. I had to settle for mid-grade gas.
6. Mississippi is nice so far, we're going to the Vicksburg National Military Park tomorrow. Should be fun!

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