Saturday, September 29, 2012

30 Things To Do While I'm 30

I am not one for New Year Resolution or anything like that, but I got inspiration for this and I think it will be fun! Lately I've felt like my life is in a rut and I don't do anything outside of my comfort zone (i.e. facebook and ebay), and my normal daily routine. So this list will help me get out of what I'm used to doing, and start my 30's off with a bang! Some might be simple things, some might take a lot of planning, and some might be a little bit personal. But I'm going to try to accomplish them all! When I finish one, I'll make a blog about it. If I remember!

1. Get an article published by a magazine
2. Go on a second honeymoon with Caleb. Even just for the weekend.
3. Cut my hair short (yikes!)
4. Get my legs waxed.
5. Sew something for me that I will actually wear.
6. Read the Bible entirely.
7. Sleep until Noon
8. Whiten my teeth with peroxide.
9. Lose 15 pounds.
10. Paint a tree in Anna and Elsa's room.
11. Finish Lela's baby scrapbook.
12. Complete an online class.
13. Make a really fancy cake.
14. Ride a horse.
15. Go to a Branson show.
16. Remake a piece of furniture.
17. Read "Mansfield Park"
18. Read "Gone With the Wind"
19. Watch "Gone With the Wind"
20. See BranDee Nissen and go out for dinner.
21. Have a Girls Day Out with friends.
22. Make Green Bay Sweatpants. (I just got a really cool idea in my head for this)
23. Go to Omaha/my parent's farm
24. Go to the Henry Doorly Zoo with my sister Sarah and her boys.
25. Make needlepoint birth announcement for Anna.
26. Make needlepoint birth announcement for Elsa.
27. Get my Conceal/Carry license.
28. Eat sushi
29. Pay for someone's meal behind me at a drive-thru.
30. Enjoy every day, and be thankful for what I'm able to do!


  1. I LOVE THIS! It makes me want to make a list to do while I'm still in my 20s!

    And we will definitely see one another and have dinner! I MISS YOU!

  2. This is a great idea! Now it has me thinking about doing something similar... however it would have to be a while I was still in my 40's list... maybe I should make that a 50's list since there aren't that many years left in my 40's. ha ha! You know we are thinking about making a trip to Omaha sometime in the next couple of years.... Sean and Evan have both expressed a desire to go to the Henry Doorly Zoo.

  3. I know you've already done at least one of these before (dinner with BranDee), but are there more that you are re-doing? Surely, you've at least seen Gone With the Wind before!
    Oh, and I think I'm going to do one too. I'm a little behind since my birthday was in July, but I'm sure I could catch up. This is a great idea!