Friday, September 20, 2013

#15- Even Better Than a Branson Show!

On my 30 List I wrote that I wanted to go to a Branson show. This was mainly because we lived near Branson and it was a conceivable thing that I would be able to do. We were even planning to go to one, so I thought it was a given. Wow, did God have other plans!

Ever since I was a teenager I have loved the Green Bay Packers. It's a combination of the colors and a love for Brett Favre. My older sister Sarah always loved them too and we had to withstand the criticizing in the last few years with the Packers not doing well and Favre, well, he hasn't done so well either. But we're still fans, through and through!

Sarah texted me and said she was 12th in line to get tickets to the Packers/Chiefs game in Kansas City so to be prepared. I was thinking, yeah right, that's not going to happen. Then she calls me and says that she actually got them! We screamed together on the phone and had our little "cone of silence" moment, then we started planning. There was a lot to work; we had to find baby sitters, transportation, extra money, and had to convince our husbands to let us go to Kansas City by ourselves, to a Chiefs game by ourselves, and sit among Chiefs fans and cheer for the Packers by ourselves. They know we're not calm fans.

Eventually everything worked out thanks to my inlaws for agreeing to watch the kids, my parents for allowing me to hitch a ride home to Omaha with them (they were visiting for the weekend), my brother Nathan's girlfriend for watching Sarah's kids, and other people that were part of it! My younger sister Julia was also able to join us which made it a fab sisters getaway!

We had a blast at the game. Most of the people were kind, some were obnoxious, and some were just plain rude. We were a little worried for our safety in the Third quarter when everyone around us was mostly drunk and getting a little "personal". But we made it out alive! It was definitely worth the expense and the trip, and I would do it again in a heart beat! Our next goal is to go to a game in Lambeau. When the Chiefs did their big show of getting onto the field with their fireworks and flames (literally) we all agreed that "when" we go to Lambeau we will be in tears.

God provided above and beyond any expectations I might have had with this trip! My imaginations had me going to a Branson show, but God had me going to a Packers game. You may not think God cares about football, and you're probably right, but He cares about me!

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