Monday, September 30, 2013

God is in the details!

We have had a problem with the kids losing library books and racking up fines, which we don't know about until they reach $10 and they can't check out books anymore. So we've made a rule that they can't check out books until all of the lost books are found. Now found his after a few weeks, and Kayla recently found the one she had lost. One of the ones on Lela's account was on the library shelf; I guess she returned it but it didn't get scanned, just put back on the shelf. Thankfully they were able to refund the fines on that one! But she still has one book out that we cannot find.

Today we went to the library and she was the only one that couldn't get books, even though she is my biggest reader! And before anyone gets upset that I am withholding books from her, we have countless books that they have never read right in our own home. In fact, she is working on the Mandie series right now, which are books that originally were too "boring" for her.

She was really bummed that she couldn't get a book, and I almost caved and let her get one, but I held strong in the punishment. (Yay me!) Afterward we went to Chick-fil-A to get her the free chicken nugget meal that she won from the Summer Reading Program. Lo and behold, the "toy" that came with it was a book! A book about giraffes, no less. So I told her that God provided a new book for her, even though she didn't find the lost book yet. She was pretty happy about that.

God cares about the little things, because He cares about you!

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