Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday, Monday

I normally love Mondays. Anytime I feel like I should do something, start a routine, do a new thing with the children, I always say "I will start that on Monday." So when Monday comes around, my whole week is full of possibilities and exciting new things. But what about days like today when nothing goes right, from the moment I wake up? I couldn't find my Bible because it was left in the church last night. And apparently everyone else left their Bibles too because there was nary a Bible in our entire trailer. But then after I had already gotten up and gotten dressed to go get my Bible from the church, my Bible was found. I don't know why that was so frustrating for me. Maybe because I envisioned myself reading it right away, in my pajamas, before I even got out of bed? But now I had to read it fully dressed and frustrated? During breakfast I almost got my entire mug of coffee spilled on me. Elsa ejectile vomited across the table, including my plate of food. I forgot to get Anna a drink 3 times and sat down before I remembered. Kayla asked if she could feed Elsa some eggs, of course I said yes, but her idea of "feeding Elsa eggs" was putting a bowl filled with scrambled eggs in front of Elsa, which she promptly dumped all over the floor and then I stepped on. I decided we all needed a walk since it was a beautiful, wet morning. So we walked for 22 minutes; we saw 27 animals, some fake and some real; nobody jumped in a puddle although there were a few attempts; and Anna only cried that she was too tired for the last 5 minutes or so. It was a nice walk and I burned 50 calories. Yay me!! The rest of the morning shall not be mentioned. Let's just say, we finished school and I hope they learned something. Maybe a life lesson about why God gave us a brain. Maybe they even learned a little school. We may never know. I do know this: Mario Party 8 brings our family together! We are borrowing it right now, but we might have to scrounge up the $50 to buy it. The older kids will play a game for 30 minutes together and because everything is in short bursts, they don't get so frustrated about finishing levels and winning games. Even after today, I still love Mondays!

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