Thursday, October 27, 2011

What do you do all day?

It's surprising that I get asked this question, even though I have 5 children and 1 of them is less than a year old. But because we're in a special ministry I do get asked this quite often. In fact, I got asked it at the Chiropractor yesterday. So what do I do all day? Sure, I don't have a huge house to clean. I also don't have a yard to keep up, or a garden to tend. Some people assume I work on churches like my husband does and that each member of our family has a special job we do at each job site. Well, I will tell you what I do all day. I take care of my children, I clean, we do school, we take trips to the library when we can, and we play outside. My life is very similar to any other Stay At Home Mom's, but there are a few differences. What are those differences? Well for one we live in 364 sq ft, give or take a few. That's roughly the size of a normal living room plus a bathroom, but that's our home. That means that it takes under an hour to clean, if everyone is working together. It means that it also gets messier quicker. Our table is for meals, school, desk, crafts, a fort, sometimes a place to lay down and read. The counter is used as a storage area, science experiment area, table for some, food prep, buffet table, craft table. Our couch is a school station, normal couch, nap spot, doll bed, and sometimes a wrestling mat. You learn to use the area you can in creative ways. Our whiteboard for school is on the fridge, school crates are under the couch, toys and shoes are under the bed, and potatoes are in the same cabinet as the mixer. And you learn how to go to the bathroom with your eyes closed because someone is in the shower and there's only one bathroom. In a lot of ways our life is not any different than anyone else's, just the condensed version. What do I do all day? Well what do YOU do all day?

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